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Mag Swipe Pre-Authorization

Mag Swipe Pre-Authorization

Verifies and locks funds on the customer’s credit card. The funds are locked for a specified amount of time based on the card issuer.

To retrieve the funds that have been locked by a Pre-Authorization transaction so that they may be settled in the merchant’s account, a Completion transaction must be performed.

Things to consider:

  • If a Pre-Authorization transaction is not followed by a Completion transaction, it must be reversed via a Completion transaction for 0.00.
  • A Pre-Authorization transaction may only be "completed" once. If the Completion transaction is for less than the original amount, a Re-Authorization transaction is required to collect the remaining funds by another Completion transaction.

This transaction allows for the ability to pass a Track 2 value for processing that has been collected from a standard unencrypted MSR.

Canada Code Sample

package Canada;

import JavaAPI.*;

public class TestCanadaTrack2PreAuth
	public static void main(String[] args)
		String store_id = "store1";
		String api_token = "yesguy";
		java.util.Date createDate = new java.util.Date(); 
		String order_id = "Test"+createDate.getTime();
		String cust_id = "LBriggs";
		String amount = "5.00";
		String track2 = ";5258968987035454=06061015454001060101?";
		String pan = "";
		String exp = "0000";		//must send '0000' if swiped
		String pos_code = "00";
		String processing_country_code = "CA";
		boolean status_check = false;

		Track2PreAuth track2preauth = new Track2PreAuth();

		HttpsPostRequest mpgReq = new HttpsPostRequest();
		mpgReq.setTestMode(true); //false or comment out this line for production transactions

			Receipt receipt = mpgReq.getReceipt();

			System.out.println("CardType = " + receipt.getCardType());
			System.out.println("TransAmount = " + receipt.getTransAmount());
			System.out.println("TxnNumber = " + receipt.getTxnNumber());
			System.out.println("ReceiptId = " + receipt.getReceiptId());
			System.out.println("TransType = " + receipt.getTransType());
			System.out.println("ReferenceNum = " + receipt.getReferenceNum());
			System.out.println("ResponseCode = " + receipt.getResponseCode());
			System.out.println("ISO = " + receipt.getISO());
			System.out.println("BankTotals = " + receipt.getBankTotals());
			System.out.println("Message = " + receipt.getMessage());
			System.out.println("AuthCode = " + receipt.getAuthCode());
			System.out.println("Complete = " + receipt.getComplete());
			System.out.println("TransDate = " + receipt.getTransDate());
			System.out.println("TransTime = " + receipt.getTransTime());
			System.out.println("Ticket = " + receipt.getTicket());
			System.out.println("TimedOut = " + receipt.getTimedOut());
			//System.out.println("StatusCode = " + receipt.getStatusCode());
			//System.out.println("StatusMessage = " + receipt.getStatusMessage());
		catch (Exception e)


Mag Swipe Pre-Authorization - Transaction Values

Track2PreAuth track2preauth = new Track2PreAuth();

Track2PreAuth track2preauth = new Track2PreAuth();


Mag Swipe Pre-Authorization object mandatory values

Value Type Limits Set Method Description
Order ID String 50-character alphanumeric track2preauth.setOrderId(order_id); Merchant-defined transaction identifier that must be unique for every Purchase, Pre-Authorization and Independent Refund transaction. No two transactions of these types may have the same order ID.

For Refund, Completion and Purchase Correction transactions, the order ID must be the same as that of the original transaction.

Canada: The last 10 characters of the order ID are displayed in the “Invoice Number” field on the Merchant Direct Reports. However only letters, numbers and spaces are sent to Merchant Direct.

A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 valid characters are sent to Merchant Direct. Only the last characters beginning after any invalid characters are sent. For example, if the order ID is 1234-567890, only 567890 is sent to Merchant Direct.

US: The last 32 characters of the order ID are sent on to the Client Line settlement reports.

For either countries, If the order ID has fewer than 3 characters, it may display a blank or 0000000000 in the Invoice Number field.
Amount String 10-character decimal track2preauth.setAmount(amount); Transaction amount This must contain at least 3 digits, two of which are penny values.
The minimum allowable value is $0.01, and the maximum allowable value is $9999999.99. Transaction amounts of $0.00 are not allowed.
Track 2 data String 40 – character alphanumeric track2preauth.setTrack2(track2); Retrieved from the mag stripe of a credit card by swiping it through a card reader.
Credit card number String 20-character numeric track2preauth.setPan(pan); Most credit card numbers today are 16 digits, but some 13-digit numbers are still accepted by some issuers. This field has been intentionally expanded to 20 digits in consideration for future expansion and potential support of private label card ranges.

This field is only applicable if processing a manually keyed card present transaction where the MSR was unable to read the card swipe Track 2 data. This requires the full card number to be passed.

If passing the credit card number, then the Track 2 data must be left blank.
Expiry date String 4-character numeric
YYMM format.
track2preauth.setExpdate(exp); Submit in YYMM format.
Note: This is the reverse of the date displayed on the physical card, which is MMYY.

If the card is swiped and a Track 2 value is passed, then this field must be omitted or set to ‘0000’.

If processing a manually keyed card present transaction and passing the credit card number (pan) field then this field must be properly populated with the expiry date.
POS Code String 2-character numeric track2preauth.setPosCode(pos_code); Supported values are:
  • 00 - normal presentment situations
  • 71 - If a Pre-Authorization transaction was card-present and keyed-in, then the POS code for the corresponding Completion transaction is 71.
  • 27 - In an unmanned kiosk environment where the card is present
  • If the solution is not “merchant and cardholder present”, contact Moneris for the proper POS code.

Mag Swipe Purchase Pre-Authorization optional values

Value Type Limits Set Method Description
Status Check Boolean true/false mpgReq.setStatusCheck(status_check); Status Check is a connection object value that allows merchants to verify whether a previously sent transaction was processed successfully. To submit a Status Check request, resend the original transaction with all the same parameter values, but set the status check value to either true or false. Once set to “true”, the gateway will check the status of a transaction that has an order_id that matches the one passed.
  • If the transaction is found, the gateway will respond with the specifics of that transaction.
  • If the transaction is not found, the gateway will respond with a not found message.
  • Once it is set to “false”, the transaction will process as a new transaction.
Things to consider:
  • The Status Check request should only be used once and immediately (within 2 minutes) after the last transaction that had failed.
  • Do not resend the Status Check request if it has timed out. Additional investigation is required.
Customer ID String 50-character alphanumeric track2preauth.setCustId(cust_id); This can be used for policy number, membership number, student ID, or invoice number. This field is searchable from the Moneris Merchant Resource Centre.
Dynamic descriptor String 20-character alphanumeric track2preauth.setDynamicDescriptor("2134565"); Merchant defined description sent on a per-transaction basis that will appear on the credit card statement appended to the merchant’s business name.
The combined length of the merchant’s business name and dynamic_descriptor may not exceed 25 characters.
Commercial card invoice String 17-character alphanumeric track2preauth.setCommcardInvoice(commcard_invoice); Available to US integrations only. Level 2 Invoice Number for the transaction used for Corporate Credit Card transactions (Commercial Purchasing Cards). Characters allowed for commcard_invoice: a-z A-Z 0-9 spaces
Commercial card tax amount String 9-character decimal track2preauth.setCommcardTaxAmount(commcard_tax_amount); Available to US integrations only. Level 2 Tax Amount of the transaction used for Corporate Credit Card transactions (Commercial Purchasing Cards). This must contain 3 digits with two penny values. The minimum value passed can be 0.00 and the maximum is 9999999.99