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Standard Response Fields

To collect the applicable response details, once you send the transaction by invoking the HttpsPostRequest object's send() method you may instantiate the Receipt object, by invoking the HttpsPostRequest object's getReceipt() method. Use this object to retrieve the applicable response details.

This section outlines all of the possible response fields that may be returned. For response details custom to a particular transaction please refer to that transaction example.

Standard Response Fields

HttpsPostRequest mpgReq = new HttpsPostRequest();

Receipt receipt = mpgReq.getReceipt();

Transaction Response Fields

Order ID / Receipt ID 50 – character alphanumeric receipt.getReceiptId(); Returns the order_id from the request.
Reference Number 18 – character alphanumeric receipt.getReferenceNum(); Terminal used to process the transaction as well as the shift, batch and sequence number. This data is typically used to reference transactions on the host systems, and must be displayed on any receipt presented to the customer. This information is to be stored by the merchant. Example: 660123450010690030
  • 66012345: Terminal ID
  • 001: Shift number
  • 069: Batch number
  • 003: Transaction number within the batch.
Reference Number 3 – character numeric Or null receipt.getResponseCode(); Transaction Response Code < 50: Transaction approved >= 50: Transaction declined NULL: Transaction was not sent for authorization For further details on the response codes that are returned please see the Response Codes table
ISO Code 2 – character numeric receipt.getISO(); ISO response code return from issuing institution. For further details on the response codes that are returned please see the Response Codes table
Authorization Code 8 – character alphanumeric receipt.getAuthCode(); Authorization code returned from the issuing institution.
Transaction Time ##:##:## receipt.getTransTime(); Processing host time stamp (24 hour clock).
Transaction Date yyyy-mm-dd receipt.getTransDate(); Processing host date stamp.
Transaction Type 2 – character numeric receipt.getTransType();
  • Type of transaction that was performed:
  • 00 = Purchase, ACH Debit, Vault Credit Card Purchase, Vault ACH Purchase
  • 01 = Preauthorization, Vault Credit Card Pre-Authorization
  • 02 = Pre-Authorization Completion
  • 04 = Refund, Independent Refund, ACH Credit, Vault Credit Card & ACH Independent Refund
  • 11 = Purchase Correction, ACH Reversal
Complete true/false receipt.getComplete(); Transaction was sent to authorization host and a response was received
Message 100 – character alphanumeric receipt.getMessage(); Response description returned from issuing institution. This message should not be displayed on any cardholder facing materials.  For receipt purposes, please refer to the Receipt Requirements
Transaction Amount 9 - decimal receipt.getTransAmount(); Returns the transaction amount from the request.
Card Type 2 – character alphanumeric receipt.getCardType(); Card Type M = MasterCard V = Visa AX = American Express NO = Novus/Discover in (Canada only) DS= Discover (US only) C = JCB (US only) C1 = JCB (Canada only) SE = Sears (Canada only) CQ = ACH (US only) P = Pin Debit (US only) D = Debit (Canada only)
Transaction Number 20 - character alphanumeric receipt.getTxnNumber(); Gateway Transaction identifier. This field is required for any future follow-on transactions such as Refunds, Corrections, Completions, Reversals, etc.
Timed Out true/false receipt.getTimedOut(); Indicates if a transaction failed due to a process timing out.
Bank Totals Object receipt.getBankTotals(); Response data returned in a Batch Close and Open Totals request. Refer to Batch Close Response Fields below for further breakdown.
Ticket   receipt.getTicket(); Reserved field.

Other Response Fields

Card Level Result 3 – character alphanumeric receipt.getCardLevelResult(); (US only) Returns the product ID for the Visa or MC card program from the issuer.  For a list of all Visa and MasterCard Card Level Result values refer to the Card Level Result Value table.
Is Visa Debit true/false receipt.getIsVisaDebit(); (Canada only) Indicates whether the card processed is a Visa Debit.

CVD and AVS Response Fields

Value Limits Get Method Description
CVD result code 2-character alphanumeric receipt.getCvdResultCode(); Indicates the CVD validation result. The first byte is the numeric CVD indicator sent in the request; the second byte is the response code. Possible response codes are shown in the CVD Result Code table.
AVS result code 1-character alphanumeric receipt.getAvsResultCode(); Indicates the address verification result. For a full list of possible response codes refer to the AVS Result Code table.