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Moneris Cloud Platform

Designed for flexibility and ease, the Moneris Cloud Platform will store the newest payment software in the Cloud and deliver it directly to your device. It will offer a seamless experience, so you will always be up to date with the latest software, no updates required. The Moneris Cloud Platform is currently compatible with the Moneris® P400 PIN Pad and the Moneris® e355 PIN Pad.

How It Works

To learn more about the Moneris Cloud and how it works, watch the below videos:

EN - An Overview

EN - How it Works


Simple set-up: Easier device installation, set-up and troubleshooting. No plug-ins or device drivers required

Secure: Transactions occur in the Cloud; sensitive data does not enter merchants’ payment applications

Compatible: Will work with different vendors’ platforms, including Ingenico and VeriFone devices. Allows for contactless transactions

Flexible: Browser, operating system, and device agnostic

  • Browsers: IE, Chrome, Safari etc.
  • Operating Systems: Windows, MAC OS, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Linux etc.
  • Devices: PC, Mac computer, iPhone, tablet, etc.

For information relating to our retail card-present integration methods, please contact