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Apple Pay In App


Instructions to Register for Apple Pay In-App

Moneris does not require a configuration fee or a formal sign up through the sales team in order to use the API or SDK for Apple Pay. Merchants choosing to use the Moneris Apple Pay SDK, please follow the steps below. Merchants choosing to use the Apple API please refer to the iOS Developer library and the Moneris payment API.

  1. Register for an Apple Pay Merchant ID on Apple’s Developer site (instructions can be found here).
  2. Locate Apple Pay In-App under the Admin heading on Moneris’ Merchant Resource Center (MRC). Click here to log into the Test or Production MRC. Only merchants have access to the production site. Please arrange access or any changes needed with the administrator of the business you’re developing for.

  1. Under the download CSR heading input the Apple Merchant ID you received in step 1 and download the CSR.

  1. Generate a new Apple Pay iOS Certificate in Apple’s developer portal by uploading the CSR provided by Moneris. Download the Merchant ID certificate from the “Certificates, Identities and Profile” section of the Apple Developer Portal.
  2. Upload the Merchant ID certificate you received in step 5 to the Moneris MRC. Click here to log into the Test or Production MRC.

By following these steps you have enabled Moneris to decrypt the Apple Pay payment token, but you have not integrated Apple Pay into your app. Finish developing by following the steps on our integration guides.