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Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP)

Multi-currency pricing (MCP) is a financial service which allows businesses to price goods and services in a variety of foreign currencies, while continuing to receive settlement and reporting in Canadian dollars. MCP allows cardholders to shop, view prices and pay in the currency of their choice.

MCP is only available when processing Visa and Mastercard transactions.

NOTE:Use MCP only when processing transactions that involve foreign currency exchange; for transactions strictly in Canadian dollars, use the basic financial transaction requests

Methods of Processing MCP Transactions

There are two methods of processing multi-currency pricing transactions via the Moneris Gateway:

  1. Using the MCP Get Rate transaction – this method is used to obtain a foreign exchange rate and locks that specific rate in for a limited time, and is applied in a subsequent transaction
  2. Without using MCP Get Rate – this method sends a MCP transaction without performing the Get Rate request, and the foreign exchange rate is obtained at processing time