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  1. Once your customer has selected MasterPass and proceeds to pay, you must make a paypass_send_shopping_cart call to Moneris to obtain MPRequestToken and MPRedirectUrl.
  2. Your website will then redirect to your customer to url specified in MPRedirectUrl from step 1.
  3. Once customer completes their process on MasterPass, MasterPass will redirect customer back to your site along with response. Using variables from step 3 response, you must then make paypass_retrieve_checkout_ data call to Moneris. This call will verify the response token from MasterPass response and it will provide you with customer profile details from MasterPass.
  4. OPTIONAL: Calculate shipping cost using data from paypass_retrieve_checkout_data calland add it to the total amount. Now, make a paypass_purchase or paypass_preauth call to Moneris to charge the card and obtain funds.

If paypass_retrieve_checkout_data provides you with CAVV data, you can perform paypass_cavv_purchase or paypass_cavv_preauth transaction