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Integrating Visa Checkout Lightbox

  1. Using the API Key you obtained when you configured your Visa Checkout store, create Visa Checkout Lightbox integration with JavaScript by following the Visa documentation, which is available on Visa Developer portal:
  2. Visa Checkout General Information (JavaScript SDK download)

    Getting Started With Visa checkout

    Adding Visa Checkout to Your Web Page

    Submitting the Consumer Payment Request

  3. If you get a payment success event from the resulting Visa Lightbox JavaScript, you will have to parse and obtain the callid from their JSON response. 
  4. Once you have obtained the callid from Visa Lightbox, you can make appropriate Visa Checkout VdotMe transaction call to Moneris to process your transaction and obtain your funds.

NOTE: During Visa Checkout testing in our QA test environment, please use the API key that you generated in the Visa Checkout configuration for the V.Init call in your JavaScript.