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Batch Upload

While the transaction APIs and other integration methods described on this portal offer an infinite amount of flexibility and can be integrated into a wide variety of technologies and environments, we all have our legacy systems and processes that just aren't user friendly, either by design or for matters of data security. Moreover, some business processes such as the cyclical nature of recurring payments, do not really require an online real-time authorization mechanism. For those circumstances or for any payment situation, where the technology fits, Moneris is happy to support you in a secure batch file exchange.

The Batch File Upload service enables you to process a large number of transactions on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis via a file exchange over a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) connection.

How it works:

Technical Summary:

  • Batch files may be created in a comma separated value (CSV) or XML format by spreadsheet, database program, or custom applications.
  • Batch files may contain a combination of different transaction types such as Purchase, Pre-auth, Completion, Purchase Correction, Refund, etc.
  • All transaction responses are presented in a single report file available for download immediately upon completion of processing all transactions in the file.
  • The SFTP authentication mechanism supports both user ID and password authentication as well as digital certificate based authentication.

For more reference refer to here.