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Pre-Authorization Completion

Retrieves funds that have been locked (by either a Pre-Authorization or a Re-Authorization transaction), and prepares them for settlement into the merchant’s account.

Things to consider:

  • Pre-Authorization Completion is also known as "capture" or "completion".
  • A Pre-Authorization or Re-Authorization transaction can only be completed once. Refer to the Re-Authorization transaction for more information on how to perform multiple Completion transactions.
  • To reverse the full amount of a Pre-Authorization transaction, use the Pre-Authorization Completion transaction with the amount set to 0.00.

Canada Code Sample

//Request Format:

completion, order_id (from preauth), amount, txn_number, crypt_type

//Sample Request:


//Response Format:

ReceiptId, ReferenceNum, ResponseCode, ISO, AuthCode, TransTime, TransDate, TransType, Complete, Message, TransAmount, CardType, TxnNumber, TimedOut, BankTotals, Ticket

//Sample Response:

order_4_testing,660144080011541780,027,01,537373,09:03:22,2016-07-02,02,true,APPROVED           *                    =,14.00,V,5529-1_10,false,,null


Completion transaction mandatory values

Value Type Limits Variable Description
Order ID String 50-character alphanumeric order_id Merchant-defined transaction identifier that must be unique for every Purchase, Pre-Authorization and Independent Refund transaction. No two transactions of these types may have the same order ID.

For Refund, Completion and Purchase Correction transactions, the order ID must be the same as that of the original transaction.

The last 10 characters of the order ID are displayed in the “Invoice Number” field on the Merchant Direct Reports. However only letters, numbers and spaces are sent to Merchant Direct.

A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 valid characters are sent to Merchant Direct. Only the last characters beginning after any invalid characters are sent. For example, if the order ID is 1234-567890, only 567890 is sent to Merchant Direct.

If the order ID has fewer than 3 characters, it may display a blank or 0000000000 in the Invoice Number field.
Completion Amount String 10-character decimal comp_amount Amount of a Completion transaction. This may not be equal to the amount value which appeared in the original Pre-Authorization transaction.
Transaction Number String 255-character (variable character) txn_number Used when performing follow-on transactions. (That is, Completion, Purchase Correction or Refund.) This must be the value that was returned as the transaction number in the response of the original transaction.
When performing a Completion, this value must reference the Pre-Authorization. When performing a Refund or a Purchase Correction, this value must reference the Completion or the Purchase.
E-Commerce indicator String 1-character alphanumeric crypt_type Supported values are:
  • 1 - Mail Order / Telephone Order—Single
  • 2 - Mail Order / Telephone Order—Recurring
  • 3 - Mail Order / Telephone Order—Instalment
  • 4 - Mail Order / Telephone Order—Unknown classification
  • 5 - Authenticated e-commerce transaction (VBV)
  • 6 - Non-authenticated e-commerce transaction (VBV)
  • 7 - SSL-enabled merchant
  • 8 - Non-secure transaction (web- or email-based)
  • 9 - SET non-authenticated transaction

Completion transaction optional values

Value Type Limits Variable Decription
Commcard invoice String 17-character alphanumeric commcard_invoice Available to US integrations only. Level 2 Invoice Number for the transaction used for Corporate Credit Card transactions (Commercial Purchasing Cards). Characters allowed for commcard_invoice: a-z A-Z 0-9 spaces
Commcard tax amount String 9-character decimal Must contain at least 3 digits, two of which must be penny values. commcard_invoice Available to US integrations only. Level 2 Tax Amount of the transaction used for Corporate Credit Card transactions (Commercial Purchasing Cards). This must contain 3 digits with two penny values. The minimum value passed can be 0.00 and the maximum is 9999999.99