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Address Verification Service (AVS) is an optional fraud-prevention tool offered by issuing banks whereby a cardholder's address is submitted as part of the transaction authorization. The AVS address is then compared to the address kept on file at the issuing bank. AVS checks whether the street number, street name and zip/postal code match. The issuing bank returns an AVS result code indicating whether the data was matched successfully. Regardless of the AVS result code returned, the credit card is authorized or declined by the issuing bank.

The response that is received from AVS verification is intended to provide added security and fraud prevention, but the response itself does not affect the completion of a transaction. Upon receiving a response, the choice to proceed with a transaction is left entirely to the merchant. The responses is not a strict guideline of whether a transaction will be approved or declined.

Things to consider:

  • AVS is only supported by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  • When testing CVD or AVS, you must only use the Visa test card numbers 4242424242424242 or 4005554444444403, and the amounts described in the Simulator eFraud Response Codes Table
  • For a full list of possible AVS & CVD result codes refer to the CVD AVS Result Code table

Canada Code Sample

AvsInfo avsCheck = new AvsInfo();
avsCheck.setAvsStreetName("Payton Street");


AvsInfo object mandatory values

Value Type Limits Set method Description
AVS street number String 19-character alphanumeric avsCheck.setAvsStreetNumber("212"); Cardholder street number.
AVS street name String See AVS street number avsCheck.setAvsStreetName("Payton Street"); Cardholder street name.
AVS zip/postal code String 9-character alphanumeric avsCheck.setAvsZipCode("M1M1M1"); Cardholder zip/postal code

AVS Response Fields

Value Type Limits Set method Description
AVS result code 1-character alphanumeric true/false receipt.getAvsResultCode(); Indicates the address verification result. For a full list of possible response codes refer to the AVS Result Code table.