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HPP Retirement

Hosted Payment Page is retiring – to keep your business running smoothly, integrate with Moneris Checkout.

You can easily and securely accept and process customer transactions through your own business website using Moneris Checkout, our comprehensive online payment solution hosted by Moneris.

Moneris Checkout fits seamlessly into your current business’ website, and is customized to include your brand’s look and feel. Checkout forms are developed, hosted, and secured by Moneris and payment processing is hosted by Moneris on our PCI-Compliant infrastructure.

Features Hosted Payment Page Moneris Checkout
Hosted by Moneris
PCI Compliant
Keeps customers on your website throughout checkout
Customer Details
Product Image (Shopping Cart)
Transaction Report
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Multi-Currency Pricing
Auto Decision by Moneris
Card Validation Digits (CVD/CVV) validation
Address Verification Service (AVS)
3D-Secure 1.0
3D-Secure 2.0
Moneris Gift Card
Tokenize Card
Token Update
Pay by Token Coming Soon
Convenience Fee
Interac Online
Order Confirmation
Email Receipt

Create your Moneris Checkout profile

  • Log into the Merchant Resource Center according to your stage of development:
  • On the menu bar, click on Admin -> Moneris Checkout Config.
  • When the "Moneris Checkout Configuration" page displays, click on the Create Profile button.
  • Follow the steps outlined in our Moneris Checkout configuration guide to complete the configuration.

Process transactions with Moneris Checkout

Moneris Checkout flow

Follow the Moneris Checkout integration guide to integrate with Moneris Checkout.

Visit Moneris Checkout to learn more.

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