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The benefits of an API integration are as follows:

APIs are available in many different programming languages, allowing for easy integration into a merchant’s existing website or application.

APIs allow merchants to fully customize their integrated solution.

  • The transaction is processed directly from the merchant’s website or application which provides a seamless checkout experience.
  • Transactions are processed in real-time.
  • APIs support a number of fraud-reduction features which return an instantaneous response identifying potential fraud risks:
  • Verified by Visa (VbV)
  • MasterCard SecureCode (MCSC)
  • Address Verification (AVS)
  • Card Verification Digits (CVD)


Transaction results are submitted back within seconds allowing the merchant to update their application for accounting and tracking purposes, as well as allowing the merchant to make real-time decisions on whether or not to proceed with the sale.

How it works:

  • Cardholder visits website, selects items and checks out.
  • Cardholder selects a method of payment.
  • Cardholder enters payment information and clicks submit.
  • Merchant’s website will post cardholder details to the Moneris Gateway.
  • Cardholder details are sent through the Moneris gateway to the card associations for authorization
  • The message will travel through MasterCard or Visa’s data processing networks. The card number and expiry date is sent through the corresponding network to the cardholder’s issuing bank. 
  • The cardholder’s bank reviews the authorization request and sends the authorization response.
  • Moneris (Moneris Gateway) returns the response to the merchant to display the final receipt.
  • Merchant will be required to generate a cardholder receipt in accordance with the guidelines provided on this site.
  • Cardholder receives confirmation of order through merchant’s website.

Alternate Customized Solutions:

  • Hosted Pay Page
  • Batch Upload
  • Tokenization

Please Note: Merchants and solution providers are cautioned that integrations using Moneris’ published APIs means you have full access and control of the payment process including card data and as such both PCI DSS and PA-DSS are in scope for your application and/or organization. The compliance and certification to these security compliance programs will vary based on the complexity of your application, your business and the amount of card data you interact with.