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MCP Response Fields

Variable Name Type and Limits Get Method Description
cardholder amount

12-character numeric

variable length

receipt.getCardholderAmount(); Amount, in units of foreign currency, the cardholder will pay on the transaction
cardholder currency code 3-character numeric receipt.getCardholderCurrencyCode(); ISO code for the foreign currency the cardholder is using to pay
host ID 15-character alphanumeric receipt.getHostId(); Unique identifier used across the Moneris platform
MCP error message

250-character alphanumeric

variable length

receipt.getMCPErrorMessage(); Message corresponding with an MCP error code
MCP error status code

4-character numeric

variable length

receipt.getMCPErrorStatusCode(); A number representing a MCP error code response
MCP rate 9-character decimal variable length receipt.getMCPRate();

The foreign exchange rate (foreign currency to CAD) that will beused for the transaction

If a MCP rate token was used, it will reflect the rate secured by the MCP Get Rate transaction; if no token was used, the rate is the current exchange rate retrieved by the Moneris Gateway

merchant settlement amount

10-character decimal

Up to 7 digits (dollars) + decimal point (.) + 2 digits (cents) after the decimal point

EXAMPLE: 1234567.89

receipt.getMerchantSettlementAmount(); Amount that will be paid to the merchant, in Canadian dollars
merchant settlement currency 3-character numeric receipt.getMerchantSettlementCurrency(); Currency that the merchant is settling in
Response fields specific to MCP Get Rate
MCP rate token 17-character alphanumeric receipt.getMCPRateToken();

Time-limited token representing a temporarily locked in foreign exchange rate for use in financial transactions

This field is returned in the response to a MCP Get Rate request

rate inquiry end time 24-character alphanumeric receipt.getRateInqEndTime(); The local time (ISO 8601) when the rate is returned
rate inquiry start time 24-character alphanumeric receipt.getRateInqStartTime(); The local time (ISO 8601) when the rate is requested
rate transaction type

max 8-character alphabetic


receipt.getRateTxnType(); Reflects the transaction type being sent in the request
rate validity end time 10-character numeric receipt.getRateValidityEndTime(); The time (unix UTC) of when the rate is valid until
rate validity period 3-character numeric variable length receipt.getRateValidityPeriod(); The time in minutes this rate is valid for
rate validity start time 10-character numeric receipt.getRateValidityStartTime(); The time (unix UTC) of when the rate is valid from