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Drupal Commerce


  1. You must have a Moneris Gateway Merchant Account

Setup Guide

Step 1

Inside the Moneris Gateway merchant account, you need to obtain an API Token. Go to My Account and click on the ADMIN. Then click on Store Settings and click on the button to generate an API Token.

Merchant Resource Center select Admin

Merchant Resource Center select Store Settings

Merchant Resource Center Generate API Token

Step 2
  1. Download the Commerce Moneris module found here.
  2. Install module using standard Drupal practices (
Step 2 Image

Step 3

Enable one or both of the Commerce Moneris API or Commerce Moneris HPP modules depending on your store’s setup.

Step 3 Image

Step 4

Enable payment method by clicking the “enable” link of your chosen Moneris payment method’s row.

Step 4 Image

Step 5

Configure gateway: After enabling, Click “edit” in the payment method. This will take you to the Reaction Rule page. Click “edit” on the Moneris payment method under “Actions”. Here you will enter your gateway setting.

Store ID, API/HPP Token, etc.

Step 5-1 Image

Step 5-2 Image

Step 5-3 Image

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