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Snap Ecommerce


  1. You must have a Moneris Gateway Merchant Account
  2. You must have a paid Snap Ecommerce monthly subscription plan.
    To purchase a plan go here:

Setup Guide

Step 1

Inside the Moneris Gateway merchant account, you need to obtain an API Token. Go to My Account and click on the ADMIN. Then click on Store Settings and click on the button to generate an API Token.

Merchant Resource Center select Admin

Merchant Resource Center select Store Settings

Merchant Resource Center Generate API Token

Step 2

Copy the API Token from Step 1 and paste it in the Snap Ecommerce admin when configuring Payment Methods under Settings > Payment Methods for Moneris – eSelect Plus payment method for the selected currency

Payment Settings page 1

Payment Settings page 2

For more detailed instructions, please visit Snap Ecommerce's knowledgebase: