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eCommerce Requirements

Moneris General Website Checklist

  • Prominently display your business name on your website, as well as the name that will appear on cardholder statements
  • Clearly display your merchant location/country to the cardholder during their check-out process
  • Clearly display a detailed description of your products and/or services as well as pricing
  • Determine what currencies you plan to accept (CAD, USD, etc.)
  • Determine your delivery standards, including delivery methods, estimated delivery times, and delivery costs (including “free delivery” criteria if applicable)
  • Display both your company and customer service contact information, including your company’s permanent address and the customer service email address and telephone number
  • Clearly display any important terms of service, export restrictions or legal restrictions to the cardholder during their check-out process
  • Clearly display your privacy policy, which should disclose what information you collect, how it is used, and with whom it is shared
  • Clearly display your detailed return and refund policy to the cardholder so they understand their options prior to purchasing your product and/or service
  • Determine if there any alternative acceptance actions you want cardholders to complete when making their online orders (e.g. “click to accept”)
  • Include a printable receipt page that cardholders can access once their purchase is confirmed
  • Display the details of your security capabilities and your policy for transmission of payment card details
  • Clearly display the payment brands you accept by including their logos within your checkout process
  • Confirmation that your website is active
  • Confirm if their shopping cart, or check out procedure, is working properly
  • Clearly display your SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate on your payment page Fraud Tools

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Essential support resource options:
Wix Help Centre

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Ecwid Help Center (for ecommerce)

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