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Card Level Result Values

The Card Level Result value refers to the issuer-supplied data on file in the Cardholder Database. Visa and MasterCard will populate this field with an appropriate product identification value which can be used to track card-level activity by an individual account number. These details will be populated within the CardLevelResult response field when returned by the associations.

The following table outlines the possible Card Level Result responses.

Card Level Result Values
A Visa Traditional/NA CIR Cirrus
AX American Express MAV MasterCard Activation Verification
B Visa Traditional Rewards/NA MBE MasterCard Electronic Business Card
C Visa Signature MCB MasterCard Business Card
MasterCard Corporate Card
D Visa Signature Preferred/Visa Infinite MCC MasterCard Credit (mixed BIN)
DI Discover MCE MasterCard Electronic
E Reserved MCF MasterCard Fleet Card
F Reserved MCG MasterCard Gold Card
G Visa Business MCO MasterCard Corporate
G1 Visa Signature Business MCP MasterCard Purchasing Card
G2 Visa Business Check Card MCS MasterCard Standard Card
H Visa Check Card/Visa Classic MCW World MasterCard
I Visa Commerce MDG Debit Gold MasterCard
J Reserved MDO Debit MasterCard Other
J1 Visa General Prepaid MDP Debit MasterCard Platinum
J2 Visa Prepaid Gift MDS Debit MasterCard
J3 Visa Prepaid Healthcare MDT MasterCard Business Debit
J4 Visa Prepaid Commercial MNW MasterCard New World
K Visa Corporate MPL Platinum MasterCard
K1 Visa GSA Corporate T&E MPP Pre-Paid
L Reserved MSI Maestro
M MasterCard/Euro Card and Diners MWB World MasterCard for Business
N Reserved/Visa Platinum, MWE World Elite MasterCard
O Reserved PMC Proprietary Credit Card (Sweden domestic)
P Reserved PSC Proprietary Debit Card (Sweden domestic)
Q Private Label PVL Private Label - Generic
Q1 Private Label Prepaid SOL UK Domestic Solo brand
R Proprietary SWI UK Domestic Switch brand
S Visa Purchasing VIS VisaNet
S1 Visa Purchasing with Fleet CIR Cirrus
S2 Visa GSA Purchasing MAV MasterCard Activation Verification
S3 Visa GSA Purchasing with Fleet MBE MasterCard Electronic Business Card
T Reserved/Interlink MCB MasterCard Business Card
MasterCard Corporate Card
U Visa Travel Money MCC MasterCard Credit (mixed BIN)
V Reserved MCE MasterCard Electronic
M MasterCard/Euro Card and Diners MCF MasterCard Fleet Card
N Reserved/Visa Platinum, MCG MasterCard Gold Card
O Reserved MCO MasterCard Corporate
P Reserved MCP MasterCard Purchasing Card
Q Private Label MCS MasterCard Standard Card
Q1 Private Label Prepaid MCW World MasterCard
R Proprietary MDG Debit Gold MasterCard
S Visa Purchasing MDO Debit MasterCard Other
S1 Visa Purchasing with Fleet MDP Debit MasterCard Platinum
S2 Visa GSA Purchasing MDS Debit MasterCard
S3 Visa GSA Purchasing with Fleet MDT MasterCard Business Debit
T Reserved/Interlink MNW MasterCard New World
U Visa Travel Money MPL Platinum MasterCard
V Reserved MPP Pre-Paid